Bits and Pieces now available on Amazon!

This is my first time writing for “joy” in quite a while. God has performed some tremendous miracles in my life, so it is an amazing pleasure to be writing this book. Video games have been one of my biggest hobbies ever since I was a child, so to be able to enjoy them once again is a “bonus” I was not expecting. I thought I was either going to die from my alcoholism while I was homeless or spend the rest of my pathetic existence behind bars. God had other plans, however.

I started playing video games again about a year ago, and I was blown away! I couldn’t believe how far technology had come in the 10 years I had been away from “life” as most people know it. I was also playing though a new set of eyes in a sense. The last time I had played video games, was back when I was a raging alcoholic, with no ounce of God’s presence in my life.

That was different now! God had miraculously delivered me from my addictions and bad lifestyle back in 2010. After many years of doing my best to follow Christ, I was now able to see things though His eyes – although imperfectly, of course.

I was amazed at all of the spiritual lessons I could see in some of my old favorite games. God is truly everywhere! This realization served to fuel my spirituality, and I felt moved to write a daily Biblical Devotional geared towards gamers everywhere. The games I have played over the past year, and throughout my life, have been combined with my love of God to bring you this book you now hold in your hands.

It is my hope that you put down the controller, pick up your Bible, and read along with me to get to the next level in your spiritual walk. The video game-oriented devotional is a short ten days, but it is followed by a 40-day devotional based on world history. It is vital for us to broaden our horizons in life. This is especially true for gamers, who have a high tendency to be more isolated than most people. This devotional should help you be more aware of the spiritual lessons contained in a lot of the games we play, however. So, stand still and see how good our Lord is. Bask in His presence and feel His love. His love is truly everywhere – even in a gamer’s heart. May God bless you through this reading and grant you growth in all areas of your life.

Here is the link. It is available as a paperback and also in Kindle form. “Bits and Pieces”




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