“A Call to Valor”

Choose to be Chainless

Originally published at http://www.rebeccabender.org/blog/?of… on September 3rd, 2016.

What would you say if I told you that we can change the world? Would you scoff and laugh? Or would you lean your ear in and listen? This is a call to action to every man across the globe to rise up and be a man of valor; a man of Christlike forgiveness and understanding; the man God has created you to be.
Our world is suffering a tragedy today that has been repeated throughout history and is one of the main causes of the downfall of society. Men, we treat our women like the dung beneath our feet. We are not men, we are cowards and children. Allow me to share a story taken from the pages of history that should alter your thinking and pierce your heart. This is a call to action gentlemen. Rise up!
I want you…

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