Birth of a Leader

There is something purely amazing when you witness a leader being born. Last night I had the tremendous privilege of partaking in my Toastmasters Club’s Spring Speech Contest. An even greater privilege was having my breathtaking wife standing right next to me, and also competing with me. I say “competing with” because personal growth is not about a competition against each other, it’s about competing with each other against a common foe.  That foe goes by many names. Sometimes it is called failure, sometimes discouragement. Perhaps at times it can even be an overwhelming desire to give up. That is not what champions, or leaders, are made from. Leaders are born from the ability to get up in the face of all opposition, and the fortitude to fight for success. It is also imperative to know where that success comes from. True success can only be born by humility and the realization that all good things come from God. Yes, I enjoyed winning two first place trophies last night. I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t. But what I enjoyed infinitely more, was watching my wife get her first trophy as she follows her dream. A leader was born last night. That leader is my wife. She was actually a leader all along, but sometimes a little recognition of that flame that burns inside is all it takes to make that flame grow stronger. After the competition last night, I told her one of my secrets to public speaking. Prior to every speech I give, I pray that God speaks through me and gives a message to someone that needs to hear it. Being a leader is not a selfish endeavor. It is the ultimate exercise in selflessness. Be humble. Be confident. Know where true success is born. Be the leader you were meant to be.


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