“The Choice”

Transcript of an award winning speech I gave on October 14th, 2014.

You’re standing in a field gazing up into the clear night sky.

You behold all the glory of the heavens.

A never-ending multitude of brilliant pinpoints of celestial light – twinkling in the distance.

Beckoning you with an irresistible call of curiosity and wonder.

You look down at your legs as a mischievous grin overpowers your moonlit face.

You look back up to the sky and say to yourself “Why not?!”

With a single leap you SHOOT OFF into the air like a ROCKET!

The wind WHIPPING past your body as you BURST forth from the clouds.

A layer of moisture coating your skin like the morning dew.

You ZOOM through the outer reaches of the earth’s atmosphere as you break the sound barrier with a bang SO loud…

That all the earth’s inhabitants stop what they’re doing…

And turn their eyes towards the heavens in complete and utter confusion.

And in the blink of an eye you are gone
soaring – into the deep unknown.

You weave your way past comets –
their tails of ice sparkling in their white, blue, and silver magnificence against a background of midnight black.

You duck – and dodge – as you find yourself in the middle of a passing meteor shower –
its ancient rocks cracked and marred with the scars of unknowable calamities stemming from unknowable places.

You dive and leap your way past a multitude of planets, moons, and stars until the frequency of your encounters with them diminishes.

You have reached the outer limits of your home galaxy – the Milky Way

And finally – the entire universe is yours.

You continue your journey through the unknown black of night –
speckled with the most dazzling displays of pyrotechnics mankind could ever even IMAGINE.

Until you come to a sight SO AMAZING you must stop and rest on a small moon so you can take your time to gaze upon the most miraculous event you have ever seen.

Your eyes are glued to the heart of a nebula, the cradle of interstellar life.

You watch as billowing clouds of multicolored glass and elemental dust gather around a central point –
and melt together in an explosion of nuclear fusion SO intense you cannot believe you survived –
as the heat of a million furnaces, and the brightness of a billion suns, blows past you at the speed of light before you even knew it was there.

As you gain your composure, a giant sphere of light emerges from the dust that sparkles like powdered diamonds – as you stand in awe.

You have just witnessed the birth of a star – the apex of creation.

With unspeakable joy and urgency you decide to fly back home to share with all your friends the unbelievable display you have just seen.

As you approach the Milky Way, however, you come to a halt and hover in place as you stare in revulsion at the center of your home galaxy.

A giant, gaping vortex is staring back at you-
swallowing anything and everything that comes into its vicinity – even light itself.

This, my friends, is a black hole –
The celestial embodiment of death.

You shiver all over as you try to shake this image from your mind, as you continue on your journey.

And then you remember the unspeakable joy you received from witnessing the birth of a star as you wind your way home, and make a gentle landing in the same field from where you started this mind bending adventure.

The trip we have just taken has contained many amazing events, but two of them stuck out in stark contrast to each other.

The miraculous birth of a star –
And the voracious consumption of a black hole.

So what’s the difference?

What makes one so breathtakingly beautiful, while the other is so dreadfully repulsive?

Well – the answer lies in a choice we must make every single day.

A choice that is intertwined in the very fabric of the universe itself.

On the one hand we have the birth of a star and all the majestic glory and beauty that goes along with it.

It emerges from its cradle and takes its set place in the heavens – while planets form and orbit around it – basking in its light and heat.

Planets that could be just like our earth.

Our sun is a star – and what does is do for us?

It provides heat to keep us warm in the cold winter months.

It emits light – to be a guide to our steps, and to be a beacon in the worst of storms.

It causes plants to burst forth from the ground and produce life giving food.

And therein lies the secret to its beauty.

It gives light,
It gives life,
It simply gives…

On the other hand – we have the black hole and all of its life sucking, all consuming rapaciousness.

It dwells at the center of every galaxy – an ever present drain upon all that surrounds it.

Its gravitational pull is SO strong that NOTHING can escape its deadly hunger.

Not matter,
Not sound,
Not even light…

It fills its belly until it gets SO heavy – and SO dense that it finally collapses in upon itself and dissipates with barely a sound.

It becomes as if it never was.

And therein lies the secret to its ugliness.

It takes, and it takes
All for itself
It is the epitome of greed…

Ladies and gentlemen, everyday we are presented with a choice.

We can choose to give, and thereby receive life…

Or we can choose to take, and thereby receive death…

Let us choose to emulate the birth of a star and shed our light upon a cold and calloused world.

Let us give warmth to the cold,
food to the hungry,
and directions to the lost.

Let us provide instruction to those who are ignorant and willing to learn,
provisions to those who cannot take care of themselves,
and let us be a living witness of the prosperity that comes from living a productive life of hard work and good character to those who CAN take care of themselves – but choose not to.

Let us be servants of all, and masters of none.

Let us breed stars ladies and gentlemen.

Let us BURST FORTH with the brilliance of creation itself, so that our faces may shine with the light of a thousand suns.

Let us choose life,
Let us GIVE life,
So that true abundance, peace, and prosperity may be received by all…


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